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Electrical safety in your home

Electricity is a part of everyday life, so it can be easy to forget how dangerous it can be. The number one cause of electrical incidents is the misuse of electrical equipment, so make sure you check your home for dangers and learn how to use equipment safely.

Follow these tips to avoid accidents in your home:


  • Don’t try to repair an appliance when it’s plugged in
  • Make sure the appliance and cable is in good condition.
  • Avoid storing objects on top of appliances (such as a microwave), as it can block ventilation Throw out and replace damaged extension leads instead of repairing them or using tape, as this won’t provide protection against electric shock
  • Never buy fake electrical appliances – read these Electrical Safety First online shopping tips
  • Never bring mains-powered portable appliances into the bathroom
  • Check that your plug sockets to make sure they aren’t overloaded as it can lead to overheating. Also, if you see burn marks or they feel hot, make sure to get a registered electrician to check if they need repairing or replacing.


Finally, make sure you register any new appliances, so you can check for product recalls or safety repairs. You can also check for product recalls on the Electrical Safety First website.