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Got a view? get involved!

It’s important to us to involve 100% of those of you who wish to be involved and help us make sure our services meet your needs and expectations.

That’s why we’ve published a new Customer Engagement and Involvement Strategy (CEIS) for 2019-2021.

And now we’re conducting an all-customer survey asking everyone of you how you’d like to be more involved and engaged with us.

Getting involved is a great way to be part of your local community and influence the way we support you and deliver our services. It needn’t take long – from as little as a couple of minutes to joining our scrutiny panel, VIVID Impact.

VIVID Impact is made up entirely of customers who share findings and thoughts with our Board. They recommended we update our customer engagement strategy and offer more ways for you to get involved.

Ian Hatch, Chair of VIVID and a customer living in Farnborough, said: “We’ve been involved in developing the new CEIS and it’s a big step in the right direction.

“I’d say VIVID is making strides forward in engaging and involving but the biggest challenge is us customers. But many of us still lack enthusiasm to put our names forward and do something other than just commenting on social media. I’m passionate about people having their say and the best way to do that is to take up the invitation to get involved.”

There’s plenty of other ways to get involved and the survey describes them all. Look out for your copy of the survey in the New Year. If you haven’t yet shared an email address with us we’ll be mailing it to your home and you can update your contact details

The full CEIS can be read on our website here. And we’re also going to be refreshing our getting involved website pages  with more useful information and clearer guidance with how to get in touch with us

If you’d like more information, have any questions, or haven’t received a survey and would like one, please email us on: