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Customer supported with money worries calls for others to get help

“If anyone out there is struggling, don’t be afraid to ask VIVID for help.”

These are the words of Mr A, who was referred to our Tenancy Support team at the beginning of the year feeling very low due to his money worries. He was struggling day-to-day on a low income and juggling debt and rent arrears and relying on friends for meals.

When he was referred to our Homeless Prevention team, we were able to provide immediate support by providing food bank vouchers and we were also able to top up his gas and electric meters so he could stay warm. We then got to work, helping him with his debts and getting benefits in place so he could stay out of the red for good.

We supported with his application for a Debt Relief Order and we were successful in writing off £6,101, including of £585 rent arrears, giving Mr A a clear slate. We put plans in place to ensure Mr A didn’t fall into debt again by securing lower utilities tariffs, setting up payment plans with Southern Water and Portsmouth Water and applying for Council Tax Relief.

We checked to make sure that Mr A was getting all the benefits he was entitled to, and helped to apply for Personal Independence Payment due to his severe arthritis, and Mr A was awarded a back payment of £1,360 and a weekly payment of £81.90

We supported Mr A with his wellbeing too, advising him to see his GP for pain medication and arranging a occupational health assessment of his home. We’re also supporting Mr A with a move to a ground floor property, as he’s having trouble accessing the stairs.

Mr A said: “Lauren’s help has allowed me to live comfortably and has lifted a huge weight from my mind – I no longer get red letters through the door on a regular basis. I’m happier and more cheerful and life has become easier. So, if you’re struggling, don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

If you have money worries or are struggling to pay your rent, our Tenancy Support team may be able to help, so please get in getting in touch.