Customer news

You said - we did

We always want to hear where you think we need to make improvements and, if you’re asked to take part in a customer survey or contact us, we want you to know that you’re listened to. And we update our services where we can make them better.

Of course, we’re pleased that in our customer satisfaction surveys most of you tell us you find our staff polite and professional, and that you’re generally happy with your neighbourhood.

But you also tell us one of your biggest concerns is communications – how you can communicate with us more easily, and how we communicate with you.

Customers often mention they’d love to be able to get information any time of the day and not necessarily have to phone or email us.  

Our online account has made a huge difference for a lot of customers looking to pay their rent, check their balance, raise or track a repair anytime of the day and its so easy to sign up for.

And we’ve recently launched a “chatbot” on our website - an automated service which can give you answers or help signpost you to information without to email. You type a question into the chatbot to get an immediate response. If it can’t answer your question it’ll take your details and make sure some-one gets back to you.

You can find our chatbot on every page on our website. You’ll also be able to see it if you visit our website on your smartphone or mobile device.

A team of customers helped us test the service as we built some of the first questions and spotted some useful additions. And the chatbot learns, so each time a similar question gets asked it can build more responses to get information to you first time.

And we already have our orange “speak” button which will read out loud the words on our website making it easier for partially sighted customers or customers with dyslexia or low literacy to find and understand what we’ve written.

And did you know that if you are hard of hearing we have a great sign language tool for customers who use British Sign Language accessible through our website?

It’s a live service that means you can contact us using British Sign Language. When you click the button on our accessibility page you’ll be connected to an interpreter from SignVideo who'll interpret your call.