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10 ways to stay out of the red this Christmas

As well as your rent and normal weekly bills, the cost of Christmas food and presents adds up quickly - the average household spends £800! Before you start buying festive gifts and goodies, it’s important that you prioritise paying your rent and other household bills.

Here are some top tips to stay out of the red this festive season:

  1. Think of your home and make sure paying your rent is top of your list
  2. Write a list of everyone you need to buy a present for, then split your budget accordingly
  3. Why not make it personal and create your own gifts? Or set a family challenge for the best £5 present
  4. Shop around for the best deals and search for voucher codes online
  5. When buying food and drink, stick to your list and avoid the temptation to buy ‘special offers’
  6. If you're having family over ask them to bring a dish each
  7. Send e-cards, to save buying Christmas cards and the postage cost. If you do need to post cards, send them in advance to make the most of second class post
  8. Travelling to see friends or relatives over the festive season? Book your travel arrangements in advance to take advantage of savings.
  9. Check out the Black Friday sales for great shopping deals and sales – this year it falls on Friday 24 November
  10. Opt for a frozen turkey – they can be half the price as a fresh one!

Worried about paying your rent?

Don’t delay in getting help – we’re here to help you!

Our Tenancy Support teams focuses on helping you to reduce your rent arrears and offer advice on how to deal with other debts. We’ll make sure that you’re getting the benefits you’re entitled to, work with you on saving energy, help you to get into work or training, downsize your property and much more! Get in touch and we’ll do what we can to help.