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We love the homes we sell and because we’ve been doing it since 2005, we’ve got a lot of experience in selling shared ownership - and other types of homes - and making the dream of home ownership a reality for local people

Four good reasons why you should buy from us

  1. We understand the product 100% so you can be sure that the information we tell you is right
  2. We listen to our customers. We’re really proud of our customer service and are always looking for ways to improve and to make sure customers are happy. This leads nicely onto the third thing we think we’re good at
  3. We don’t stand still. We’re constantly reviewing our processes to make sure they suit both us and the customer
  4. We know the majority of our customers work and haven’t got the time to contact us during the day. So, 99% of our correspondence with you is digital. Meaning you can contact or respond to us anytime of the day or night

The process was really easy. VIVID kept in touch and any questions were quickly answered without me feeling silly for asking.

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Watch our 12 short videos and hear TV presenter Phil Spencer give a helpful introduction to buying a home with us. The videos cover everything from how to apply, to what happens on the day you move into your new home, and you can skip through to the ones you want to watch.

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