Getting involved

Putting our customers at the heart of what we do, we listen to your feedback to shape the services that we deliver

Our scrutiny panel

VIVID impact is one of the crucial ways that our customers have an impact on shaping the services that we deliver. 

And we’re looking for enthusiastic and engaged customers to join our panel. The panel’s made up entirely of VIVID customers who attend regular meetings to monitor, scrutinise and constructively challenge our performance, hold our Board to account on service delivery and also provide feedback to customers.

If you want to get involved, please contact our Customer Engagement team on 01252 368610 or email and they can talk you through the process and get you started.

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Become a neighbourhood volunteer

Would you like to make a difference where you live and help us by monitoring our services?

We're looking for neighbourhood volunteers to carry out monthly walkabouts in their area to:

  • Look out for any communal repairs or issues
  • Keep an eye on the standards of our caretaking, cleaning and grounds maintenance
  • Help us to understand how it feels to live in the area

If you'd like to apply to become a neighbourhood volunteer, please complete the form below and tick the box to confirm that you've read and agree to follow the responsibilities and code of conduct.

As a Neighbourhood Volunteer you would be required to:


  • Complete a monthly Neighbourhood Walkabout of your designated area, and submit an online report
  • Contact us for support if you're experiencing difficulties completing your monthly walkabouts
  • Let us know if you're unable to complete a monthly walkabout for any reason
  • Inform us if you're no longer able to commit to the role
  • Use the normal procedure for reporting personal repairs, complaints etc
  • Not pursue the individual issues of other residents. (all residents should be responsible for reporting their own personal issues via the Customer Experience Team)
  • Not expect to receive more or less favourable treatment by staff because of your role
  • Not use the role to try to influence the work or services provided by third party organisations without the support of VIVID staff
  • Not access or receive confidential information about any other resident
  • Treat members of staff with respect and refrain from using abusive or offensive language or actions
  • Not discriminate on any grounds against any other resident, staff or member of the public

Apply to become a neighbourhood volunteer