Mechanical and electrical items in my new home

Watch our short video for helpful advice about the mechanical and electrical items in your new home

Key points

Your heating system

  • We encourage you to read your boiler manual for instructions on how to set the timer and re-pressurise it if needed
  • If you rent your home from us, we'll do an annual gas service. If you’re a shared owner, it’s your responsibility to arrange your annual gas service
  • The hot water temperature in your bath is limited to 48 degrees in line with building regulations.


TV aerial and phone

  • If you live in a house, some cable has been provided in your loft ready for an aerial
  • You'll need to get permission from us before putting in a satellite dish and you’ll be responsible for installation costs
  • If you’re living in a flat, a communal satellite dish and aerial have been installed
  • Phone outlets have also been provided.


Ventilation and heat recovery system - if fitted

  • The system filters incoming air to remove pollutants, and the air passes through a heat exchange to provide warm and clean air throughout your home
  • The unit has filters that need to be cleaned every 6 months. If you’re living in one of our rented homes, our Repairs team will carry out the service. If you’re a shared owner, this is your responsibility.

Extractor fans

  • The extractor fan isolation switch for your bathroom and W/C is above your bathroom door
  • This switch should be kept in the ‘on’ position.

Looking after my home

Everything you need to make sure your home’s safe, warm and comfortable

Looking after my home