Defects in my new-build home

Watch our short video for helpful advice about defects in your new-build home

Key points

  • Newly built homes come with a 12-month defect period, beginning when VIVID get the keys
  • During this time the developer may return to fix any faults that occur because of workmanship or installation issues
  • A blocked toilet isn't a defect
  • Items that have been gifted to you aren't covered by this warranty period
  • There may be a few repairs outstanding when you move in. If so, the developer will get in touch with you to book the repair appointments.
  • Please contact us if any defects occur during the 12-month defect period. You can do this by emailing, phoning 0800 652 0898 or through your online account
  • Further information may be found in your Home User Guide
  • We'll carry out a final inspection of your home when the defect period is coming to an end.