My new-build home

Moving into your brand new home is an exciting time! Here's some helpful information

Moving into a new-build home? Watch our videos to help you settle in!

Whether you’ve already moved in or are just about to start living in one of our new-build homes, there’s some really useful things to be aware of.  If you’ve bought your home or are renting, if you're in a flat or a house, it’s well worth taking a look at these short, informative videos.

They give you some brief advice about the mechanical and electrical items in your new home; what to do if you think you might’ve spotted a defect; and how to help encourage the process of “drying out” a newly built property.

Remember, if you need to contact us email, phone 0800 6520 898 or, if you have one, get in touch through your online account.

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We've got lots more short videos to help you with common DIY issues around the house

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Looking after my home

Everything you need to make sure your home’s safe, warm and comfortable

Looking after my home