Market rent

Rights and responsibilities - what you can expect from us and what we expect from you

Your rights and responsibilities

As a customer who lives in one of our market rent homes, you may only be a short-term renter with us (although most stay with us for much longer).

It doesn’t matter if you’re a VIVID customer for six months or 60 years, we want an open and fair relationship with you right the way through; where it’s clear what you should expect from us, and what we should expect from you.


Here are some of your main rights and responsibilities as a market rent customer. The full list is in your tenancy agreement

What to expect from us

  • You’ll have what’s called an ‘assured shorthold tenancy agreement’ with us (which means it will be for a guaranteed minimum of at least six months)
  • The rent you’ll pay will be similar to the rent a private landlord would charge
  • We’ll look after and regularly clean any shared areas, such as staircases and corridors (unless this service is provided by a management company)
  • We’ll look after the shared areas outside including making sure the area is clean and well lit (unless this service is provided by a management company or the council)
  • We’ll register your deposit with a well-known, trustworthy scheme (so you’ve got full confidence)
  • We’ll keep all of our other commitments in your tenancy agreement

What we expect from you

  • You’ll pay your rent and any other charges - on time and in full
  • You’ll try to solve any problems with neighbours yourself before you call us
  • You’ll keep communal areas clear of your personal things
  • When you move out, you’ll get your home professionally cleaned. This includes the carpets, white goods (the fridge, freezer, dishwasher etc) and appliances, such as the cooker (both inside and out)
  • You’ll let us in to carry out any viewings, repairs or inspections
  • You won’t keep any pets
  • You’ll keep all of your other commitments in your tenancy agreement

Still looking for help?

Doing things online is normally the quickest and easiest way, but we know it’s not always the best way for everyone. You can phone us on 0800 652 0898 (our phone lines are open 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am to 4.30pm on Friday). Remember, the phones do get really busy. And you might have to wait.

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