How to prevent a fire in your home

Read our top tips below to protect your family and home from fire.

Top 10 tips to prevent a fire in your home 

Your safety in your home is our top priority, and we work closely with our local partners, such as fire services, to achieve this. But there are a few things you can do to ensure your safety from the threat of fire too. Read our top tips below to protect your family and home:


  • Check your smoke alarm regularly. If you’re deaf or hard of hearing, contact your local authority who will assess your needs and make arrangements for a specialist alarm or equipment to be fitted. If you’re a shared owner or leaseholder, ensure that smoke alarms are fitted on each floor and make sure you have a heat detector installed in kitchens that aren’t separated from your main evacuation or access route.  
  • Stay safe in the kitchen. Never leave cooking or a chip pan unattended and keep electrical leads and tea towels away from the hob. Clean your grill, hob and oven regularly. 
  • Don’t use or store gas cylinders or BBQs on your balcony or indoors, including disposable ones. 
  • Make sure you put cigarettes completely out. It's best to wet them to be sure and never smoke in bed.  
  • If you live in a high-rise building, make sure you know the evacuation policy. To ensure your safety, your policy may advise you to evacuate the building or stay put in your flat. If you’re unsure contact us.  
  • Use candles safely. Never leave a burning flame unattended and don’t light them near flammable items.   
  • Keep your children safe. Don’t leave children on their own in a room where there’s a fire risk and keep matches, lighters and candles out of reach. 
  • Keep communal areas clear. Keep your fire escape route clear of obstructions at all times - this includes bikes and prams and mobility scooters. 
  • Check appliances. Always register new appliances, so you’ll be made aware of any recalls, which can be completed on Or, you can check for any electrical products that have been recalled since 2007. Only use one appliance per socket and replace any old or poorly wired appliances.  
  • Home visits for the vulnerable. If you’re vulnerable or aged 65+ and are worried about fire safety, your local fire and rescue service can often offer free safety checks in your home.


Below you will find links to further information on the fire and rescue services that cover our areas of operation: