Fire risk assessments

We have a legal duty to complete fire risk assessments for all our buildings that meet a certain criteria, including those with an internal shared/communal area, those which are used as business premises or in some circumstances, those that have a partially enclosed external common walkway.

What is a Fire Risk Assessment? 

It’s a review undertaken of a building to assess its fire risk. It provides recommendations to make the building safer, if necessary. 

Why do we complete them? 

We have a legal duty to complete fire risk assessments on our buildings that require them to ensure they meet the latest safety standards and to keep our customers safe.  

Who completes the fire risk assessment? 

We use experienced, independent qualified specialists to complete our fire risk assessments.  

They then produce a detailed fire risk assessment, which outlines their observations and any recommendations or actions that we need to take.  

Our fire safety team then put a plan in place to carry out any recommendations to ensure your home is safe. If urgent, these recommendations are dealt with immediately, or they’re added to a programme to completed as soon as possible. 

Does my building have a fire risk assessment? 

All of our buildings that require a fire risk assessment have one in place. These are reviewed on an annual basis as a minimum and we can confirm that all our buildings are safe.   

If you have any concerns about the fire risk at your block, or if you'd like to know if there's a fire risk assessment in place for your block, please contact us via