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Helping vulnerable customers stay warm during the cold spell

Cold weather can cause health problems for older and vulnerable people, so with cold weather warnings issued across the UK for the rest of the week, our Older Persons’ team has some tips to help our older customers stay warm, safe and comfortable. If you have vulnerable neighbours, make sure you check on them to ensure they’re safe and well – if you’re worried about them, please contact your local council or Age UK.


  • Stay active – even if you don’t feel like it, get up and have a walk around, make yourself a hot drink and do some chores. If it’s not too cold, go for a walk in the middle of the day
  • Eat well – make sure you have plenty of hot drinks throughout the day and at least one hot meal to keep you warm
  • Be careful of wet and slippery surfaces – make sure your shoes have non-slips soles and, if there is one, use the grab rail
  • Wear lots of layers during the day
  • Wear warm clothes to bed and use a hot-water bottle
  • If you’re sitting down, use a blanket to provide some extra warmth
  • Close the curtains in the evening to keep the warm in and keep your windows closed at night

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