Tipner East, Portsmouth

We want to transform this derelict site in Tipner into an attractive, waterfront community providing many more homes for the city of Portsmouth

Transforming Tipner East

We’re aiming to transform this site in Portsmouth into a vibrant new waterfront community, delivering much needed, high-quality homes that the city really needs. The derelict site can accomodate 750 to 850 new homes, with at least 30% for affordable rent and shared ownership. Sustainability, ecology and landscaping will be the heart of our designs and the proposals will include enhancing the waterfront promenade for all everyone to enjoy and improving the connections from the north of Portsmouth to the rest of the city.

Working with the community

We want to create a new neighbourhood that will benefit the local community and that residents will be proud of. We’re asking them to help shape our plans by sharing feedback on our designs. To do this we’re holding several consultation events over the next few months.

We held our first events in March 2022. We started with an online consultation webinar on 7 March and a drop in exhibition at the Mountbatten Leisure Centre on 9th March where almost 100 people came down to view our plans. The project team were on hand to explain our preliminary proposals, answer any questions and listen to attendee’s feedback.

Here’s an overview of the feedback received:

  • 70% of those that attended and gave feedback supported our plans to regenerate Tipner East
  • They agreed that new housing, particularly affordable housing, is needed in the area
  • They also agreed that the land is unattractive and wasted space
  • Some concerns were raised about the access in and out of the development, the increase in traffic and potential impact on parking in the local area

You can take a look at our exhibition boards from this event below.

Public consultation exhibition boards

Take a look at our March 2022 event boards

Tipner East development website

Visit our Tipner East consultation website here

Since this event we’ve been reviewing all feedback and updating our plans. We’re hosting our next online consultation webinar on 20 June and drop in exhibition on 21 June at the Mountbatten Leisure Centre to show residents our revised proposals.

For more information on our consultation events please visit our dedicated website at www.tipnereast.co.uk  


Portsmouth has an acute shortage of affordable homes and the site at Tipner East provides an opportunity to deliver many more homes for the city including homes for affordable tenures in an attractive sustainable neighbourhood. The site has already been allocated for residential development in the City Council’s Local Plan and received planning permission for over 500 homes in 2012, which makes it the ideal location for new homes. The principle of developing the site for homes has already been set, and we’re excited to bring forward update plans for this brownfield site.

We’ll submit an application which will be compliant with the policy of Portsmouth City Council, i.e., 30% of the homes will be affordable.  However, as a housing association providing affordable homes is our motivation so we’re treating this a minimum figure, and as the plans become finalised, we’ll seek to increase this where possible.

We’ll follow Portsmouth City Council policy, which states that 70% of the affordable homes will be for affordable rent and 30% will be shared ownership.

It’s important to us that we’re providing homes that meet the needs and aspirations of the local community. There’ll be a mix of 1,2-,3- and 4-bedroom homes and apartments but we haven’t finalised our proposed quantity as it will depend on what’s most needed in the area.

Yes. The sea defences are integral to the proposals and would bring significant benefits to the wider community.

The land at Tipner East is unlikely to provide suitable habitats given the previous uses of the site and extensive contamination. We’re undertaking a full ecological survey to identify what is on the site, how we can rehome any species and also improve the ecology of the site. That’s why we have engaged specialist company, Eco Support, over the past 18 months and collected an array of data from bird count to on site habitat via regular site monitoring. We have spoken to Natural England and various governing bodies to produce a detailed strategy to support the plans.

Yes. Part of the landscaping of the development we will include a range of trees and plants to encourage biodiversity.

Yes, our plan is to carry on the footpath/cycleway through the site to connect the north of the city to the City Centre.

Yes, as well as via the neighbouring Park and Ride, it is expected that buses will be rerouted through the site.

We’re aiming to submit our planning application for the site in the summer. In the meantime, we’ll be working closely with the community and local stakeholders to help us design our proposals. We’re hoping our application will be approved this year, so we can complete the process of remediating the site and then start building the homes.  The remediation of the site is likely to take between 12 and 18 months, and the construction is likely to be phased over a five-year period.

We would hope the first homes will be completed by 2025 and the final home completed by 2028.