Policies and strategies

A list of all our key policies, strategies and statements

We believe in being open and honest.

And that includes being absolutely transparent about the way we work. So, here’s a list of all our main policies, strategies and statements.

We don’t expect you to read all of them. But if there’s something there you’ve seen and would like to know more about, just get in touch.

Anti-social behaviour policy

Anti-slavery and human trafficking

Asset compliance policy

Customer investment strategy

Compensation policy

Compensation policy supporting guidance

Complaints policy

Contractor code of conduct

Customer strategy

Data protection policy

Estate services policy

Financial inclusion & tenancy sustainment policy

Fire policy

General terms & conditions of purchase

Health & safety policy

Housing management policy

Lettings policy

Privacy notice

Repairs and maintenance policy

Right to Buy & Right to Acquire policy

Safeguarding children policy

Safeguarding vulnerable adults policy

Social media guide

Speak up policy

Summary of cover for leasehold and shared owners

Tax strategy

Tenancy Policy

Tenancy fraud policy

Transparency statement

Treasury management policy

Unacceptable behaviour policy

Waste policy